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I was born April 7, 1977.

Sicilian of Egyptian origins from her mother, proud daughter of my lands.

I am a restless and curious woman, I fall in love with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, I love discoveries and I am always looking for new stimuli. I shy away from schemes while sometimes recognizing their usefulness, they are tight fences and impositions, I run away from predictability and rules, I hate abuses of any kind.

Consequently, I love everything that is outside the box, from the logic, from someone else's preconceived order.

My style responds exclusively to my emotions, I am totally self-taught, recognizing the limits and the enormous advantages that this entails.

I define art as the greatest form of individualistic anarchy, a gift and creative and transformative capacity of the subtle and painful life / death process, typical of the female being.

In ten years I have participated in several group exhibitions and organized several personal, photographic and pictorial; Messina, Syracuse, Milan, Livorno, Genoa, Padua.

I don't live from my art, but my art is my life.

The latest artistic project sees me engaged as co-author and director of the play “Volta la carta. I Tarocchi di Faber ”, whose creative genesis is my pictorial collection“ I Tarocchi di Faber ”presented on the occasion of Arte Genova 2020.

The play was born during the months of lockdown and was staged on four dates, despite the enormous difficulties related to the pandemic; received the mention from the official web page of the Fabrizio de Andrè Foundation and the direct compliments of Emilia Pignatelli, set designer and artistic director of Fabrizio De Andrè's tours. The study of dramaturgy is continuing together with the Carullo-Minasi theater company.

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